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Henley Gate Midwinter Gift

An art commission by Crest Nicholson for new residents of Henley Gate housing development. Art Eat were invited, along with many arts organisations in Ipswich, to join the Henley Gate Art Panel and then to engage an artist to design a midwinter gift to all new residents.

Art Eat understands the importance of participation so we worked with artist Catalina Carvajal to create a gift which had an element of DIY and creativity. Inspired by paper craft and colouring in, Catalina designed a make-at-home bird mobile with an option to create a unique colour scheme of her prototype.

The beautiful bespoke gift was designed alongside an invitation for residents to join a Community Art Panel for the new housing estate. The paper-craft and invitation, with golden thread, beads, glue pads and gel pens were boxed and beribboned, and delivered by hand the day before Christmas eve, to the lovely people who live at Henley Gate Ipswich Garden Suburb already, just 40 households so far.

We hope the residents of Henley Gate join the art panel and take an active role in selecting or creating art in their new neighbourhood. Thank you Catalina, Ruth and Julia who helped so much with the project.

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