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In a Warehouse Near You….

All this week Dulce Duca - a professional actress and circus performer - is holding creative street performance workshops at the R&W Paul Ltd warehouse, on the Ipswich Waterfront. Held every afternoon from 4-8pm, these workshops are for anyone over 12 years of age on wheels - be it roller skates, skateboard, BMX, scooter or a wheelchair.

During these workshops participants will be working with Dulce to create a new show - Streets with Attitude - which will be performed outside Cult Café on Saturday 4th June, at 12 and 2:30pm. It will be a show unlike anything you have seen before!

So if you are on wheels, Dulce Duca is inviting you to get involved by coming along to one of her workshop sessions, say hello and see how your wheels can be included in the show.

Register here!

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