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Stop Loan Sharks Mural

Stop Loan Sharks Community Fund has awarded ART EAT a grant to work with Everton Wright and Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial Equality in delivering mural design and painting workshops at a local Prison. We hope this project will raise awareness and create a vibrant attraction in an area of high deprivation, a mural which has strong powers to prevent illegal money lending as well as to positively enhance our public space.

This project will take place from March-June 2019 and offers an opportunity for us work with people in the prison and an accomplished visual artist to install a mural on the hoardings by Ipswich Waterfront.

Many thanks to the workshop participants, Everton Wright, partners Ipswich & Suffolk Racial Equality Centre, Suffolk County Council Communities and Localities, the Prison & funders Stop Loan Sharks Community Fund & Ipswich Borough Council.

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