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Tell Your Story Projects - A Moment in Time

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Art Eat was invited to work with Artist Ange Leinster for a ceramics tile project commissioned by Highfield Nursery School. Entitled A Moment in Time, the project was to create an art installation of 100 tiles at the entrance to the school.

Ange Leinster visited and delivered 4 workshops with children aged 3 & 4, making marks and drawing on earthstone terracotta clay tiles which she had pre-prepared. Sticks, leaves, evergreens and stones were used and workshops took place partly outside in the nursery’s beautiful garden. In between visits the tiles were made ready for firing and glazing. Ange assembled the tiles and decided in what order they should be placed. The school had a volunteer tiler help install the work.

This art project was to represent the experiences of the nursery centre through the pandemic. There were many kind people who brought gifts and gave time to the nursery, and the artwork is in part to say thank you to them, and some of them, along with parents, joined in with the project. The project was funded by Ipswich Opportunity Area and Ipswich Cultural Education Partnership as part of Hullabaloo 22, Tell Your Story Project, an amazing programme of artists in schools which reached over 35 nursery, primary and secondary schools in Ipswich.

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