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Three International Artists to Show Moving Image Work Added to the the Festival Programme.

We are thrilled to announce three more high calibre artists who will be taking part in Art Eat Festival by showing moving image works on a large projector in the waterfront venue Wiff Waff, Regatta Quay, 12 Key St, Ipswich IP4 1FH during the festival opening hours.

Claire Zakiewicz, Marc Serra & Eileen Haring Woods

Claire Zakiewicz is a British inter-disciplinary artist, curator and writer working across media including drawing, film, sound and performance. Recently acknowledged as one of New York’s “Top Ten Artists Working Today” by Art511 magazine, Zakiewicz’s practice explores the physical and metaphorical relationships between sound and drawing. It is a scientific and philosophical practice-based enquiry - thinking through making. Her research predominantly examines how the body experiences the world and how we conceptualise and perceive objects, frames, repetition and embodied patterns.

Zakiewicz is interested in the way we perceive form within the limitation of prescribed visual semiotics. Her interest is also focused on the observer, where she examines how we read shapes and form using physiognomic perception which is governed by things which have the most significance to us - faces, gravity (vertical and horizontal lines), circles and perspective lines. She asks how “performing drawing,” affects the body and our experience of the tangible and intangible objects in time and space.

Trained in the Meisner Acting technique and contact improvised dance she often collaborates with actors, dancers and directors to re-examine these techniques within a painting and performance context, whereby drawing attention to gestural movement qualities.

Her animated films have been shown at Alive In the Universe for the 58th Venice Biennale, 2019 and at Tate Tanks and Tate Modern (London) in the exhibitions Tweet Me Up, 201 and Label, 2012. Zakiewicz has exhibited regularly throughout the UK, USA, Italy and Norway and has produced and performed in numerous productions and international institutions including Resonance FM (UK); ARTI3160 (Venice, Italy); USF (Norway); Bill Young's Dance Studio (NYC); Mothership NYC; Last Frontier NYC and Itinerant Performance Arts Festival (NYC). 

Claire will be showing various selected pieces of her stop-motion work as part of the festival programme.

Marc Serra is an established conceptual artist based in Barcelona who's complex, dynamic and often humorous encourages the audience to rethink the meaning of contemporary popular culture and the position and functionality of art in the collective imagination. Marc uses video, photography, 3D, sound, text and odour in his work and generates exaggerated realities, often filtered through absurd or illogical juxtapositions. With every project the viewer delves into a familiar but unsettled world and is forced to relook at elements of contemporary culture in new ways. Marc Serra's work has been shown widely in Europe and America and this will now be seen for the first time in the UK.

Marc's video "I'm Making Bart" will be shown over the festival weekend inside the venue.

The piece is an appropriation gesture, in ‘I’m making Bart’ he borrows the audio of John Baldessari’s ‘I’m making art’ video - an artwork where, through conceptual video, the artist questioned those who, in turn, questioned conceptual art, thus laughing at himself and therefore at everyone else.

Marc's video takes an ad-hoc hypothesis of the popular critique of video artwork which questions its use as a medium for artistic expression. Staged by a toy - an image within the urban popular iconography offered by street vendors - the work transfixes us not by making any assertion, but by generating an ambivalence between what we see and what we think.

Eileen Haring Woods is an artist, curator and producer. Born and raised in New York City she is currently based in Suffolk.

Eileen’s background includes art, music, theatre, film, design and production. Throughout her career she has worked with international creative legends, political, cultural and faith leaders and local heroes.

Career highlights include: Broadway Shows, New York Film Festivals, London Film Festivals, Museum of the Moving Image (London), Regent Street Christmas Lights, London’s Grand Christmas Parade, Covent Garden Flower Festival, 10 years consulting with the City of Westminster, Artistic Director of Gunpowder Park (UK), The Art of Common Space, Interdependence Day. Eileen has been a member of business and community associations in New York and London.

Eileen will be showing various selected pieces of her conceptual video art as part of the festival programme.

Film still from 'Blink' by Eileen Haring Woods

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