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#WeAreHere Lowestoft - Register & Take Part

The We Are Here art project is coming to Lowestoft to talk with the community about the climate crisis and create two murals in collaboration with Art Eat Events.

The project is inviting members of the local community to explore ideas and co-create two large scale artworks which will be completed this Spring.

We will use art to support your voices and we need your ideas to make this project happen.

We Are Here is a joint campaign from rights and climate collective Rights Community Action and creative collective Glimpse. It is aimed at empowering local communities who are under threat from the effects of climate change to speak out. The project is being produced by Suffolk based Art Eat Events CIC.

Art Eat is an arts organisation that develops and delivers creative projects that focus on community, participation and learning taking the form of large scale artworks, and free public events. Encouraging connection through relationship building, working closely with communities to create exciting and relevant projects that have a meaningful impact to those involved. Art Eat works across East Anglia in collaboration with charities, local authorities, museums, arts organisations and businesses.

“Art Eat has been developing projects in Ipswich for the past five years and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to develop this project in Lowestoft. Working with Rights Community Action is hugely inspiring for us and we welcome everyone in the town to come and be a part of this project and have your voices heard.” Iona Hodgson, Co-Director, Art Eat Events.

“WeAreHere is about more of us being heard - especially those of us facing the most severe impacts of climate change now and in future. People who live in the Suffolk Coastal region will experience more flooding of their homes and businesses because of the climate crisis, and more action from those in power is needed. Art Eat have a deep understanding of the power of working together to create public art. They know that it unites people, amplifies their voice and galvanises change. We are delighted to work with them on this project.” Anira Khokhar, Project Manager for the #WeAreHere campaign

For this project Art Eat have engaged two prolific community artists, Albert Clegg and Zoe Alleyne from Bud Studio which was originally set-up in Norwich and are now based in London. They believe in collaboration - so much so it’s one of their founding values. Working with communities, discussing and discovering together is also a large part of the work that Bud Studios do and collectively they have collaborated with many communities to create artwork that reflects the identity of the places and voices of the local people.

Join us all for a series of gatherings to discuss and learn about the impact of climate change in Lowestoft, how decisions are made locally and nationally, and what the future looks like. The project will use large scale public art to bring people of Lowestoft together to speak out about the effects of climate change, amplifying voices and telling local stories.

The following workshops are open to everyone and include a free meal and refreshments.

Workshop dates

2nd March 6-8pm Session 1 - Your Voice, Your Art: Let's speak out about the Climate Crisis - Look at the flood map of Lowestoft with Rights Community Action and consider what the past and future look like, and discuss what the town means to you. Consider the wider picture and response to the threat of climate change events. Together the group will create a collaborative map to document the discussion and the outcomes of the session.

9th March 5-8.30pm Session 2 - Workshops will be held with lead artists Bud Studio to creatively explore ideas around the subject of climate change in Lowestoft and how to translate ideas into visually impactful messages. The results of this workshop will inform the final mural designs. After this creative workshop we will explore ways to publicise and extend the project once it is completed with project partners Glimpse where participants can have ideas about how to celebrate the murals once they are completed and mark the completion of the project.

16th March 6-8pm Session 3 - Your Voice, Your Art: Let's speak out about the Climate Crisis. In this session members of the community are invited to take part in a workshop to brainstorm solutions to the climate crisis in Lowestoft, and be encouraged to think outside the box and explore new groundbreaking ideas.

Workshops are open to everyone and can be attended as single sessions or as a complete set. Everyone is welcome, drinks and food will be provided so come along to meet people, discuss the climate crisis and how it will affect you, and be a part of a bigger campaign to empower the public in climate change decisions on a governmental level.

No skills are required but registration in advance is encouraged so we have an idea of numbers. Please go to this LINK - register on Eventbrite or send a message to Iona on 07719281078 stating your name and which sessions you would like to attend.

We encourage participants from all walks of life and all areas of Lowestoft to make contact. The sessions above will be open for arrivals 30 minutes before the start time.

Workshop location:

The Grit, Lowestoft Arts and Heritage Centre, Old Nelson St, Lowestoft NR32 1EQ, UK

Watch out for more information in the March edition of Lowdown and follow @arteatevents on Instagram and Facebook.

Follow #WeAreHere on social media

We Are Here is commissioned by Rights Community Action

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