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Youth Takeover Digital Art Workshops with Michelle Brace & Evewright at Dance East

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

It was great to be invited to join in with Dance East’s Youth Takeover as part of Hullabaloo 22, a summer long programme of art activities for young people in Ipswich. We have wanted to create digital art around the murals on Ipswich Waterfront for a long time. It was fantastic to work with artist Michelle Brace @mich_unlocked on a one day creative workshop in Dance East’s Digital Studio which includes a 180 degree green screen room.

We were briefed to give space to young people to express their identity and creativity. We made digital art inspired by artworks painted on #ipswichwaterfront and the workshop participants chose which mural on the day. Young artists had a zoom call with artist Evewright to understand the process of making that work, in preparation for making new digital art with Michelle Brace @mich_unlocked. Young artists took photos of the #youthmural on #ipswichwaterfront and created moving images on iPads with the Procreateapp.

High points of the day were teenager Sully and little Araminta both teaching dance routines for the very first time, the video call with @evewrightstudio the lead artist in our first #youthmural back in 2020 and a surprise visit from the amazing dancer @isaac_breakin_james. Amazing creative energy from the young people and fabulous artists supporting them and developing new skills.

In this project Art Eat Events projects nicely transitioned from #thepowerofstories #powerofstoriesipswich to #tellyourstory #hullabaloo22tellyourstory Many thanks to @danceeast and @ipswich.cep #hullabaloo22 #hullabalootellyourstory #hullabaloo22tellyourstory

Video link :

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