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Art Walk Ipswich

The Art Walk Ipswich as a COVID-safe town-wide Art Walk exhibiting local artists' work displayed in the windows of independent businesses. The challenges of the pandemic led Art Eat to design a simple event that could take place in a Covid-safe way, although thankfully things had eased by the time the project was in place, meaning that shops could also be open. We came up with the idea of a town centre-wide exhibition displayed in the windows of independent businesses accompanied by a series of intimate live music concerts which took place in the participating shops and cafes. The project was a great success and promoted both artists and small businesses in the town as well as bringing people back into Ipswich. We also planned and promoted a wellbeing walk as part of the trail which directed people to wellbeing and mental health support organisations in the town as an added benefit of taking part in the art walk.

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