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Skate Park Project & Murals

During the Spring and Summer of 2022 Art Eat developed and delivered a complex and vibrant project aimed at increasing creative and cultural activities for young people in Ipswich after the pandemic. Funded through Suffolk County Council and part of the Ipswich Cultural Education Programme's campaign Hullabaloo22.

Art Eat produced three new murals designed collaboratively with various youth groups, an outdoor photography exhibition about skate culture, a paint jam where members of the public were invited to redesign and freshen up the urban art in and around Stoke Bridge skatepark, a celebration of the skate parks' 20 year anniversary in collaboration with Skate Suffolk and HOAX. We also ran 'Streets with Attitude' collaborative workshops for people on wheels with artist Dulce Duca finalising in a public performance over the Jubilee weekend. Great fun was had by all, and much was achieved by the young people of Ipswich.

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